Our MRR Churn application is intentionally geared towards enterprise customers, particularly ones with multiple BUs or billing currencies, and the application is priced accordingly. There is both a third-party BI platform component to our software pricing (Jedox) and an application/model component (MRR Churn). Our current subscription pricing plan is very straightforward: 2X the Jedox platform SaaS pricing, billed annually. Since the platform pricing is based on a third-party price list, that means future price changes for MRR Churn should be in line with future Jedox price changes.

From the perspective of our targeted customer base, we currently estimate that at least half the value of our software offering is in the Jedox platform itself, and half is in our application built on top of it. If substantial new functionality is added to either the BI platform or our application, we may reassess that pricing allocation in the future. However, we have a natural bias towards simpler, more transparent pricing, so our desire is to remain consistent. Although we are not permitted to publish the Jedox platform pricing, we would be happy to provide a free quote after a brief assessment of your needs. We are confident that you will find the Jedox platform pricing very competitive relative to other BI platforms.

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