Training Services

We provide Jedox-certified training services by a professional Constellation EIS trainer. Our in-class training rate is currently $650/trainee per day, including the cost of renting a fully-configured virtual server for each trainee. This is in line with standard Jedox training rates. Our remote training rate is significantly discounted vs. the in-class rate, but it is generally only available to trainees of a single customer and may not qualify for formal Jedox certification. We provide training on all available Jedox courses, which are listed here

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Implementation Services

We generally do not charge for implementation services related to our MRR Churn application unless a unique configuration, integration or other application extension is involved. We only charge a subscription fee. That said, with our assistance and feedback, you will ultimately be responsible for collecting the metadata that is specific to your business in an Excel workbook, and also for providing adequate query access to your data.

Customization Services

We also generally do not charge for customization services with respect to development of information assets that we support and maintain for you, since we deliver all of our end products on a SaaS basis. Instead, we charge only a mutually agreed annual license/support fee on these information assets once you accept the deliverable. You will not be responsible for any customization cost overruns, since the negotiated price is based solely on the mutually agreed value of the deliverables, not the cost. If you are not satisfied with a deliverable or we can’t fix it to your liking, then you can walk away before delivery at no cost or risk. That is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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